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Earn up to 5% yearly with the Emergency Fund

Build your emergency savings fund and protect it with instant life insurance coverage.

Be your own financial planner with Singlife Plan

Confidently plan your financial goals through different life stages.

Protect your goals, your way with Singlife Protect

Buy and manage protection and savings solutions you can personalize to fit your needs and budget.

Easily access your Emergency Fund and insurance benefits through a FREE Singlife Visa debit card.

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The Singlife App at a glance

First in the Philippines

The first and only digital solution in the country that lets you save, plan and protect your goals using just your mobile phone.

Fuss-free experience

Save, plan, protect, withdraw and claim⁠—do what you need to anytime, anywhere all on your phone. 

Easy insurance application

Just answer a few questions and you can get covered within minutes!

15-day money back guarantee

Changed your mind? You can return your policy within 15 days, and we’ll give all your money back.

Advanced technology

Uses best-in-class technology from Singapore with the highest security standards so your money and your data can be kept safe. 

Digital claims process

Just email all required documents and get your payout within 1 to 5 business days.

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