For parents who want the best for their child

Grow your money

Invest your cash with Singlife Smart Investment fund, designed to earn more than your usual savings account.

Start for as low as PHP 500

And reach up to PHP 500,000 or more by making investments every month for as low as PHP 500.

Protect the money for your child's education

In case you pass away, the money that you set for your child's education will be secured. 

Cash for Goals (Education)

100% money invested. 

No entry fees. No commissions. 100% of your money will be invested.

100% accessible.

All transactions are within your fingertips. Buy, manage, track, & withdraw through your GCash app.

100% in your control.

No strings attached. You can withdraw your money without penalties.


Click here to get it on your GCash app now.

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