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Here's why Singlife offers you a better way to achieve and protect your goals:

Affordable Starting Point

Start investing with as low as Php 500/month and gradually increase it as you please.

100% Digital

All you need is your smart phone and your good! Our platform is available 24/7, so you can invest at your own convenience.

Complete Control and Flexibility

Start, make adjustments or pause your investments all from your smart phone...you make the call!

Cash for Goals

Already a GCASH user?

Get Cash for Goals on GInsure via GCash. No need to download a separate app. Embrace simplicity and the seamless experience of GCash.

Protect Your Goals

100% money invested

No entry fees. No commissions. 100% of your money will be invested.

Looking for a better way to save, plan, and protect?

Get Protect Your Goals via the Singlife Plan & Protect App, your all-in-one financial app that gives you perks like cash bonus and free life insurance!

100% in your control

No strings attached. You can withdraw your money without penalties.


Click here to get it on your GCash app now

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