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Our upcoming insurance plans to meet your protection needs

Cash for Dengue Costs Image

Cash for Dengue Costs

Protect From Medical Bills

Get cash to cover medical costs related to dengue with our comprehensive yet affordable protection plan. For a limited time, this comes with a FREE COVID-19 COVER.

Cash for Income Loss Image

Cash for Income Loss

Protect From Income Loss

Protect yourself from the financial burdens that come with losing your ability to earn due to an accident or illness. With this comprehensive product, you can get cash to replace up to 100% of your income when it’s needed most.

Cash for Income Loss (Accidents Only) Image

Cash for Income Loss (Accidents Only)

Protect From Income Loss

Be protected from the financial stress of unfortunate events. This income protection plan allows you to sustain your family’s needs with a continuous monthly income in case you’re unable to.

Singlife Plan Image

Singlife Plan


Be financially confident with our proprietary in-house financial needs analysis tool. Understand your financial goals and make adjustments as they change over time.

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