Full protection, made affordable

Comprehensive & dynamic coverage

We design our protection products to cover mild to severe cases and all stages of illnesses. The benefits you receive will match the severity of your condition. No need to worry about a long list of exclusions.

Affordable & flexible premiums

We offer various payment terms to suit your budget. You can maximize your benefits based on what you decide you need and can afford. You can easily adjust your plan as your needs change.

Benefits for the whole family

We know that you want to keep your loved ones safe, so we're giving you the option to cover your family. You can add an individual cover for each family member so you don't have to worry about their medical bills.

Get protected via GCash

Cash for Dengue Costs

We've partnered with GCash to bring you Cash for Dengue Costs (with FREE COVID-19 cover).

Get covered from Dengue or COVID-19 tests to confinement from both mild and severe cases for up to PHP 421,500.

Extend the benefits to your family members at affordable prices and flexible terms that suit your budget.

Be protected in less than 5 minutes. No long forms and complicated documents needed.

Buy in GCash now.

If you're on mobile, buy here.

If you're on desktop, click here.

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